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Avoiding Foreclosure

If you’re on a slippery financial slope, reducing your monthly expenses could help you more easily make your mortgage payment and ease your mind that you aren’t continually facing foreclosure. Here are some expense reduction ideas

• Debt consolidation to reduce monthly payments

• Downsizing on cars, especially SUV’s which not only have high payments, high insurance rates but also cost a lot of money in fuel consumption

• Cancel credit cards to curb spending. Keep one low interest and low limit card if necessary for emergencies

• Talk to your creditors about lowering your interest

• Cancel luxuries that aren’t necessities like salon appointments, downgrade cable and internet services and reduce cell phone usage or cancel service

• Shop for bargains and pay all savings towards your debt

• Eat out less

• Meet with a financial planner to help you budget effectively

A little effort in budgeting and finances can go a long way. Consider buying some budgeting software as a good investment in helping you get your debt load under control so that foreclosure isn’t something you’ll ever have to concern yourself with.


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